Organic Peat Mask

This extremely potent bioactive face mask will deeply detoxify and improve your skin texture significantly. Healing and anti-ageing are natural benefits of this visibly
effective beauty ritual.

Rare Oil Blend

This RARE OIL BLEND is a statement – a manifesto of organic skin care. Made of truly rare oils of the highest quality, it moisturises, repairs, rejuvenates, reinvigorates and gives your skin a healthy complexion.

Infinity Eye Serum

The INFINITY EYE SERUM is a symbiosis of luxury, high-end technology and natural skincare. Designed to effectively help prevent signs of ageing and fatigue surrounding your eyes.

Vestige Verdant


Made with the conviction that
Your body is a temple.

Our products are a monument to 100% healthy, organic and long-lasting beauty. Perfect for metropolitan environments where fast-paced living and pollution are an inescapable part of life, where the need to keep skin fresh rested and glowing is especially important.